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Bunk beds, as any kid will tell you, are awesome. To the little ones, they represent much more than just a place to catch some zzzzs: a feeling of independence and freedom, sense of adventure, security even. A child's uninhibited imagination can quickly turn any bunk bed into a castle, fortress, dungeon, clubhouse, tree house... or simply into his/her very own private place to hide away from the world.

Besides the considerable cool factor, bunk beds do also have a practical side to them: they are designed primarily to make the best use of the available space, providing more room for additional furnishings, equipment, toys and whatnot. They will also come handy in accommodating an unexpected guest, in sleepover situations and so on.

Picking the right bunk bed, however, can a be a rather complicated affair. With so many choices out there, so many different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, materials... things can get confusing in a hurry.

This is where BunkBeds HQ comes in: it has been designed with the exclusive aim to help you find that perfect bunk bed or loft bed at the lowest price. On these pages you will find over one hundred items, picked out by hand with pretty much just one criteria in mind: quality. Many of our product reviews are based on shoppers' opinions gathered from online stores and consumer oriented sites -- in other words, most of the beds featured here have received at least a few positive appraisals by people just like you.

No one product is perfect, however, so we do single out both good and bad points raised by users -- whether this is just a sticker that's hard to remove or an uncomfortable ladder rails issue, you'll want to know about it before making a purchase. If you are to make an informed decision, every bit of info counts.

To further alleviate the buying process for you, with each piece of furniture featured at this site comes a price quote from one of the leading online retailers which in our opinion offers the best deal on the given product. That usually means the lowest price, but we do also take into account the shipping charges (if any), level of delivery service(), availability and prices of add-ons and matching furniture etc.

So, where to begin? You can just delve in and start browsing the products by configuration (or size), by price, by manufacturer, or perhaps go for one of the popular miscellaneous categories. Searching for a specific item is another way to go. It might also be a good idea to check out our buyers' guide to bunkbeds first; it will give you some background on different types and sizes of bunk beds, raise your awareness on a few things to watch for during the buying process, plus give you some basic info on the most popular manufacturers and online retailers.

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